HTML Codes for Punctuation and Other Characters

DisplayFriendly CodeNumerical CodeHex CodeDescription
		Horizontal Tab

Line Feed
!!!!Exclamation Point
"""Double Quote
####Number Sign
''Single Quote
((((Left Parenthesis
))))Right Parenthesis
****Asterisk (Star)
////Forward Slash
????Question Mark
@@@@At Sign
[[[[Left Square Bracket
\\\\Back Slash
]]]]Right Square Bracket
{{{{Left Curly Brace
||||Vertical Bar
}}}}Right Curly Brace
~˜~~Vertical Bar
‚‚‚Single Low Quote
&dbquo;„„Double Low Quote
‡‡‡Double Dagger
‹‹‹Left Single Angle Quote
‘‘‘Left Single Quote
’’’Right Single Quote
“““Left Double Quote
”””Right Double Quote
••Small Bullet
–––En Dash
———Em Dash
›››Right Single Angle Quote
   Non-Breaking Space
¡¡¡¡Inverted Exclamation Point
¦¦¦¦Broken Vertical Bar
ªªªªFeminine Ordinal Indicator
««««Left Angle Quote
¬¬¬¬Not Sign
­­­­Soft Hyphen
®®®®Registered Symbol
²²²²Superscript 2
³³³³Superscript 3
µµµµMicro Sign
¶¶¶Pilcrow (Paragraph Sign)
····Middle Dot
¹¹¹¹Superscript 1
ººººMasculine Ordinal Indicator
»»»»Right Angle Quote
¿¿¿¿Inverted Question Mark
℅℅Care Of
ⁿⁿSuperscript N
§§§§Section Mark
¨¿¿¿Inverted Question Mark
――Horizontal Bar
‣‣Triangle Bullet
‼‼Double Exclamation Point
№№Number Word
DisplayFriendly CodeNumerical CodeHex CodeDescription
♠♠♠Spade card suit
♣♣♣Clubs card suit
♦♦♦Diamonds card suit
♥♥♥Hearts card suit
←←←Left arrow
→→→Right arrow
↑↑↑Up arrow
↓↓↓Down arrow
♀♀Female Indicator
♂♂Male Indicator
♩♩Quarter Note
♪♪Eighth Note
♬♬Two Eighth Notes