9.8 Teamwork

If two people working together can do a job in 3 hours, how long will it take

the slower person to do the same job if one of them is 3 times as fast as the


Bills father can paint a room in two hours less than Bill can paint it. Working

together they can complete the job in two hours and 24 minutes. How much

time would each require working alone?

Two people working together can complete a job in 6 hours. If one of them

works twice as fast as the other, how long would it take the faster person,

working alone, to do the job?

It takes 10 hours to fill a pool with the inlet pipe. It can be emptied in 15 hrs

with the outlet pipe. If the pool is half full to begin with, how long will it

take to fill it from there if both pipes are open?

If Sam can do a certain job in 3 days, while it takes Fred 6 days to do the

same job, how long will it take them, working together, to complete the job?

Jack can wash and wax the family car in one hour less than Bob can. The two

working together can complete the job in 6/5 hours. How much time would

each require if they worked alone?

A carpenter and his assistant can do a piece of work in 15/4 days. If the

carpenter himself could do the work alone in 5 days, how long would the

assistant take to do the work alone?

Working alone it takes John 8 hours longer than Carlos to do a job. Working

together they can do the job in 3 hours. How long will it take each to do the

job working alone?

Of two inlet pipes, the smaller pipe takes four hours longer than the larger pipe

to fill a pool. When both pipes are open, the pool is filled in three hours and

forty-five minutes. If only the larger pipe is open, how many hours are required

to fill the pool?

A water tank can be filled by an inlet pipe in 8 hours. It takes twice that long

for the outlet pipe to empty the tank. How long will it take to fill the tank if

both pipes are open?

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