4.6 Mixture Problems

A farmer has some cream which is 21% butterfat and some which is 15%
butter fat. How many gallons of each must be mixed to produce 60 gallons of
cream which is 19% butterfat?

A tank contains 8000 liters of a solution that is 40% acid. How much water
should be added to make a solution that is 30% acid?

Of 12 pounds of salt water 10% is salt; of another mixture 3% is salt. How
many pounds of the second should be added to the first in order to get a
mixture of 5% salt?

A caterer made an ice cream punch by combining fruit juice that cost $2.25
per gallon with ice cream that costs $3.25 per gallon. How many gallons of
each were used to make 100 gal of punch costing $2.50 per pound?

A grocer wishes to mix sugar at 9 cents per pound with sugar at 6 cents per
pound to make 60 pounds at 7 cents per pound. What quantity of each must
he take?

How many ounces of pure water must be added to 50 oz of a 15% saline
solution to make a saline solution that is 10% salt?

How many kilograms of soil supplement that costs $7.00 per kilogram must
be mixed with 20 kg of aluminum nitrate that costs $3.50 per kilogram to
make a fertilizer that costs $4.50 per kilogram?

How many pounds of a 4% solution of borax must be added to 24 pounds of a
12% solution of borax to obtain a 10% solution of borax?

A certain grade of milk contains 10% butter fat and a certain grade of cream
60% butter fat. How many quarts of each must be taken so as to obtain a
mixture of 100 quarts that will be 45% butter fat?

To make a weed and feed mixture, the Green Thumb Garden Shop mixes
fertilizer worth $4.00/lb. with a weed killer worth $8.00/lb. The mixture
will cost $6.00/lb. How much of each should be used to prepare 500 lb. of
the mixture?